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My Reflexology story

In honour of World🌏 Reflexology Week, this is My Reflexology 👣 story.

I was in the 2nd year of my Naturopathy training (2008), when the Reflexology Tutor, Cathy Caldwell, asked me if i would like to learn Reflexology👣.

Like many folks back in 2008, i had no way, nada, never heard of Reflexology. What the heck was that! So Cath convinced me it would be great addition to the Naturopathy and off i trotted. I was hooked! I was fascinated and amazed! That Science, the Egyptians, Asian Culture, William Fitzgerald and Eunice Ingham had actually all concluded that the anatomy of the body could be mapped on the top and underneath feet 👣 and hands 🖐, ears 👂 and face.

Wow! I learnt all about how Reflexology can increase your circulation, decrease blood pressure and blood sugars, ease pain and inflammation and so much more. Today i mainly work the feet 🦶, as i feel they are more sensitive and responsiveness.

After each training session, i was so deeply deeply relaxed, as we had to pantner up and practice. Crickey! 1 day at the end i couldnt even remember driving a short distance from the venue to a cafe! I was in such a deep state of relaxation as the Reflexology was encouraging my body to find its equilibrium, balance or for the scientists, homeostasis. Y

Those weekends were my time out from a busy hectic life. Thats why i always ask my clients afterwards if they are feeling light headed, and we have a brief chat and drink of water after treatment.

I graduated that year with a Certificate of Reflexology and in 2012 did further training for a Diploma of Reflexology, which then gave me eligibility to register as a professional and qualified Reflexologist with Reflexology NZ, which i still am today.

Ive been providing Reflexology since 2008 to feet of all shapes and sizes. Feet are never ugly to me. No way! Your feet tell me your story. Im so passionate about and love Reflexology, i could sit here all day, my eyes sparkling and grinning like a Cheshire cat! But hey, another clinic days calls. Love, love love Reflexology 👣💜

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