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Naturopathy - Children (0-12 years)


All pieces of the puzzle need to be addressed - Holistic Naturopathy


  • 75 Landing Road, Whakatane, Bay of Plenty

  • 40 Potts Avenue, Opotiki, Bay of Plenty

Children in clinic OR via online Zoom consultation - allow for 60 minutes

Your first consultation is your chance to tell me "Your Child's Story" and join me, as together we become detectives to gather all your history. Consultation fee covers any necessary research, summarising testing data, compilation of Wellbeing Plan (including Nutritional suggestions), herbal remedy formulation and mixing and practitioner product ordering (if required). You will leave your first consultation with a few handwritten notes to get you started on your Journey to Wellbeing. If it is apparent during consultation that you appear deficient in any nutrients, suggestions are made for immediate herbal or supplement intake.  I welcome you to bring your beautiful child and encourage you to bring into clinic any of their toys and colouring-in activities to keep them occupied as we chat.

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Calendula flower 2019_edited.jpg
Calendula flower 2019_edited.jpg

10-12 years = $80.00

5-9 years = $65.00

0-5years = $55.00

2nd Follow-up Children consultation = $60.00 allow for 60 minutes

A check in to see how your child is after our first meet up. Here you will receive your Stage One of your Wellbeing Plan including Summarisation of any testings. Your child is an individual with unique health concerns, so their Wellbeing Plan is specific, just for them. Here, I will walk you through your Child's Plan and this is your opportunity to ask any questions that may have arisen.

All Children further follow-up consultations = $40.00 for 30 minutes
A chance for you to ask questions about your Wellbeing Plan and add further health suggestions which may consist of herbs (remedy, tablet or tea), vitamins/minerals, nutrition, flower essences, life style recommendations, Reflexology or Lymphatic Drainage. The ultimate long term goal is to repair any gut imbalances and take you back to eating healthy foods. All necessary diagnostic clinical testings may be carried out if required. Blood testing may also be requested.

"Very sound advice on natural healthcare, highly recommend listening to Naturopath, Bridgitt McNabb. Her clinic has been my one-stop-shop for healthcare for many years".

Michele, Hawke's Bay.

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