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Testimonials - Reflexology

Typical results from actual Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine & Reflexology consultations

Disclaimer: Please note - results are typical and vary from person to person.

Loved my first ever reflexology session today. Bridgett was professional, friendly and very informative. Relaxing and perfect for self care.


Reflexology is completely amazing! It's like a natural high and so relaxing. I have been seeing Bridgitt for some months now for help with transitioning through Menopause and would high recommend her.


Thank you for the lovely reflexology session. It was so healing and I'm enjoying the hay fever tea. Love and Light. Stay well.


I just enjoyed a special Mother's Day treat. A facial Lymphatic Drainage and Reflexology treatment. My session was totally blissful and I often dozed off through it. I have a few health issues and have been having regular Reflexology. I have become more active and sleep better. My body doesn't ache as much and my breathing has improved. I rarely take painkillers now.

Thank you Bridgitt for the work on my inner body system, your caring nature and healing hands has helped me weather a very stressful time in my life, both mentally and physically.


Had a beautiful Reflexology session with Bridgitt today. OMG, had no idea what I have been missing. It was my first experience. It was Divine, I drifted off for most of it. Such a beautiful healing modality. Bridgitt has the most beautiful touch and made me instantly feel relaxed in her hands. She was able to share with me where she had found places I needed further work in my body and where different places correlated to my health. I will definitely be back. I floated out the door and am still feeling the relaxing effects of the session hourse later. Definitely highly recommend.


Loved Bridgitt's Reflexology treatments. My feet feel better after each one. They certainly are more flexible and awake than they have been in a long time!


Recently I had my first ever Reflexology therapy session from Bridgitt. If you've never tried it, I highly recommend it. The experience itself was relaxing to body and Soul and I left her room with a sense of calm and feeling transformed. I'm definitely going to carry on  with this therapy on a regular basis as I see it being hugely beneficial to me. Thanks so much Bridgitt.


I am 36 weeks pregnant and received a reflexology session from Bridgitt and absolutely loved it!  I came out from her clinic feeling relaxed, refreshed and cleansed. I highly recommend to anyone to visit her.


I felt fantastic leaving after my Reflexology treatment, almost a spring in my step, despite feeling so run down with that cold. Today I'm feeling the affects of the Lymphatic Drainage for sure. Lol. But it is all positive. I didn't have my "normal" afternoon crash yesterday (adrenals)! Considering doing something regularly! Thank you so much. You're very good at what you do.


I have been treated by Bridgitt with Reflexology for some years now and every time is truly a healing Soul experience. It just reminds me that our body is the barometer of our energy. Thank you so much Bridgitt for being part of this journey.


Ohhhhhhh yes I can definitely vouch for the deep relaxation from Bridgitt's Reflexology! It is super relaxing, but you also know that it has helped with healing too.


You have no idea how good I feel tonight after my Reflexology visit to you today. It has been a long time since I've had no pain in my shoulder. You sure did give it a good work out. Thank you so much Bridgitt.


Absolutely loved my first session with Bridgitt yesterday, best sleep I've had in weeks!  Highly recommend Bridgitt McNabb, a beautiful lady, extraordinary fingers and a wealth of knowledge.  Definitely going back to see her!!


I started seeing Bridgitt for mainly a well-being maintenance check. I received reflexology, lymphatic drainage and herbal medicine from her. She is a quite knowledgeable, hearty, affable woman with outstanding professionalism. She helped me to improve my body system. But the strongest support and help from Bridgitt came after falling off my bike in February 2017. I had a concussion and broken collarbone, and my eyes were not doing well. I had reflexology once a week and I applied her D.D's Healing Balm on my shoulder and ankles. After 5 weeks i can say that i am on the right pathway. I am amazed how fast i am getting back to normal. Thank you!!!


My lovely partner purchased a gift voucher for a Reflexology treatment with Bridgitt as a Christmas present. The treatment was fabulous. I felt so refreshed and energised. I wish my sister and friends to get to experience your wonderful treatments too. Thank you so much Bridgitt.


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