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Ear Candling
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Soothing, Relaxing, Ear Candling Treatment


  • 40 Potts Avenue, Opotiki, Bay of Plenty

What is Ear Candling?

Ear Candling is a very soothing, relaxing therapy to gently draw out ear wax and other debri from the inner ear drum and ear canal.


This healing process has been used for thousands of year by ancient cultures. e.g. India, China, Tibet, Egypt, Atlantis and Native Americans.

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How much is an Ear Candling treatment?

$60.00 for 60 minutes (1st session).  Price includes 2 x Ear Candles, "Show and Tell" where the ear candles are cut open after treatment and brief Naturopath advice given.


Simply remove your shoes and hop up onto the massage table where you will be lulled by relaxing music to escape your daily routine.

$55.00 for 60 minutes - all follow-up sessions within twelve months Price includes 2 x Ear Candles, "Show and Tell" where the ear candles are cut open after treatment and NO Naturopath advice given.

What are the Ear Candles made out of?

The ear candles are made of strips of 100% unbleached cotton muslin dipped into beeswax. They do not have a filter inside the ear candle, instead the narrow tapered end (which sits in the ear) acts as a filter to stop big particles falling out of the ear candle. 

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Bridgitt ear candling.

I use “Ear Candles by Louise” made in Canterbury, NZ. ​ You can read more here at her website.

"Wow truly amazed with the recent ear wax candling. Not only did it stop the itching in my ears, but as a sinus sufferer for years I could actually feel the ear wax candle draw the mucous from my blocked nasal passage was able to breathe with more ease. What a difference. Will definitely be back for another session. Thank you Bridgitt for your healing and Light, so relaxing".


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How can Ear Candling help you?

Ear candling can relieve the pain and pressure when you have an ear infection, head cold, sinus pressure. Some people use ear candles to dry out water left on the ear after swimming or surfing, or regulate pressure after diving or flying.


Other clients have mentioned that after an ear candling treatment, they then go home and need to turn the volume down on the "telly"!


This is a healing process.  Just having one candling may not complete the process; therefore will not be as thorough.  I suggest 2-3 sessions depending on the individual.  Of course, frequency is entirely up to you. ​​​

How do Ear Candles draw the wax out?

The ear candles operates through osmosis. ​This is where one chamber (ear candle) is attached to another chamber (ear canal).  The vapours of warm smoke from the candle travel down into the ear canal, middle ear, Eustachian tube, warming up the pores, softening the wax, and soothing irritations.


The fire from the burning candle creates a vacuum dislodging and detoxifying the lymphatic system, clearing the sinuses, and drawing out accumulated debris such as impacted ear wax, Candida, crystallized protein matter, fungus, yeast and infection, into the cone.   At no point does the tip of the cone in the ear get hot to the touch. 

All about Ear Wax

Earwax is an important component in the cleaning of the ear.​ Earwax is known scientifically as cerumen. Cerumen is naturally produced by the body in the outer half of the ear canal. It is made by a mixture of two substances from two different glands. Sebaceous glands create sebum, which is the name of the oil produced near the hair follicles in the skin and Apocrine glands which are a type of sweat gland.


Earwax is found to be composed of 60% keratin, 20% fatty acids and alcohol, and 9% cholesterol and replaces itself every 24 hours. Earwax provides moisture and lubrication for the skin of the ears, keeping them from getting chapped and protects us from the cold, viruses and other organisms. An over-abundance of ear wax could very well create blockages,  therefore, not allowing the rest of the wax to flow through the pores normally.​

When can I not have ear candling?

If you have had recent surgery to the ear, if the eardrum has ruptured from increased pressure within the middle ear, cysts in the ears, mastoiditis (an infection of the mastoid process, the bone behind the ears) ‘tubes’ (Tympanotomy) in the ears, artificial eardrum or cochlear implants, if you have a perforated ear drum or if grommets are in place. Once the grommets are removed, clients have found ear candling can reduce the incidence of infections.


Ear Candling is not designed to replace other therapies, medical or complementary. Always consult your health professional before undertaking any new therapy. We are all responsible for our own health choices.

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