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Holistic Health, Naturopathy, Reflexology, Herbal Medicine,
Lymphatic Drainage & Ear Candling

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New Acute and Chronic Naturopath on-line

appointments available now.

Read below about Naturopathy for further details.

A brief 15 minute conversation FREE OF CHARGE is available prior to the 1st consultation, to determine if I am the right practitioner to meet your needs.​ Does not apply to Acute online 20 minute consultations.


As a thank you from me, receive $10.00 off your next treatment when you refer and book a friend in. Remind your friend to mention your name.​

Initial Consultation - Let's have a chat!


To me, natural health is a holistic therapy of delving deeper to treat a person’s underlying cause of an illness, be it either physical, mental/emotional or both.


There is never one isolated reason for an imbalance; all areas of our being are connected, and when they are in sync, then a true healing will take place on all levels.


I have expertise in stress relief, herbal medicine, Hormonal Imbalances e.g. reproductive, thyroid, adrenal, pancreas, gut health, nutrition and lymphatic drainage.​

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Naturopathy, Nutrition and Testings

Naturopathy is holistic and addresses the underlying cause of dis-ease by empowering the body and mind's natural ability to restore and maintain balance.​


To achieve this balance support is given from one or more complimentary therapies e.g. Herbal Medicine,  Nutrition,  Supplements  and Flower Essences and Reflexology.

Testings available for allergies, hormones, heavy metals and toxins.

Find out more here.

Herbal Medicine


I am a Medical Herbalist who has extensively trained in the medical sciences resulting in an understanding of the health problems affecting people in today’s world.


Almost any condition, both acute and chronic, can be treated with herbal medicine safely and effectively.


For example, herbal medicine is extremely effective for treating disorders of the nervous, digestive, immune, hormonal and gynaecological, respiratory systems, skin and allergies, thryoid and other endocrine imbalances and circulatory disorders.


Find out more here. 




Reflexology is a relaxing, safe, non-invasive, ancient holistic therapy dating back to early China and the tombs of Egypt.


Using my thumbs and fingers, reflex points are stimulated on the feet, thus assisting the body's internal workings to begin rebalancing and healing itself.​


Reflexology may relieve stress and improve circulation and create a deep sense of relaxation and peace. You do not have to be unwell to experience Reflexology, simply taking time out for yourself does wonders for your state of mental health and how you interact with others.


After a thorough client consultation, kick your shoes off and relax back in my chair and let my fingers do the walking and your feet do the talking.


Find out more here.

Lymphatic Drainage


The Lymphatic System lies closely beneath the skin and does not have a pump to move its fluid around the body as the heart does. Instead relying on therapies like Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage.​


Lymphoedema may occur from surgery damaging or removing lymphatic nodes and surrounding tissue e.g. breast cancer surgery. Also resulting from heart or kidney dysfunction, cellulitis or poor circulation.


Lymphatic Drainage may improve circulation, skin health, immunity, aid in toxin and lymphoedema elimination.​


Experience a  non-intrusive, safe therapy with a Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage Specialist, where any contraindications are discussed before treatment.  All you need to do is sit back, take your shoes off and relax.


Find out more here.

Ear Candling


Ear Candling is a very soothing, relaxing and non-invasive therapy to gently draw out ear wax and other debri from the inner ear drum and ear canal.​


Ear candling may relieve the pain and pressure when you have an ear infection, head cold, sinus pressure. Some people use ear candles to dry out water left on the ear after swimming or surfing, or regulate pressure after diving or flying.


Other clients have mentioned that after an ear candling treatment, they then go home and need to turn the volume down on the "telly"!​

Ear Candle treatment includes 2 x Ear Candles, "Show and Tell" where the ear candles are cut open after treatment and brief Naturopath advice. Simply remove your shoes and hop up onto the massage table where you will be lulled by relaxing music to escape your daily routine.


Find out more here.

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