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Testimonials - Lymphatic Drainage

Typical results from actual Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine & Reflexology consultations

Disclaimer: Please note - results are typical and vary from person to person.

I find Brigitt to be friendly and approachable and she really knows her stuff. I have been getting lymphatic drainage through reflexology and naturopath advice for a while now. My health has really benefitted from it. The first month I did it I went down a dress size, purely in fluid. It's hard to believe there was all that excess fluid in there. Me and my feet highly recommend it to anyone out there. You won't regret it.


I have been visiting Bridgitt for the last 2 months for Lymphatic Drainage. In addition to this we have also worked on my sinus and allergy issues. I enjoy our appointments as I find them insightful and relaxing and always leave having learnt something new in regards to natural and holistic healing. I am so glad to have found Bridgitt and would recommend her to all.


I've been coming to Bridgitt ever since I met her at a Lymphoedema Expo.  While I'm lucky not to have this, I still feel I need to look after myself with regular lymphatic treatment and Bridgitt has helped with this immensley.  I had a really bad fall and after treatment with her about six weeks post fall, I felt so much better.  I love the way Bridgitt provides a holistic treatment giving advice on how to main my health between visits. Thank you, I'm really glad I met you that day.


Before coming to see Bridgitt, my state of health/wellbeing was

  • Poor movement and circulation

  • Painful swelling in my legs and feet

  • Loss of motivation

  • Limited ability to walk any great length of time

  • Was starting to impact my job

  • General feeling of being unwell

  • Bloating and weight gain

Since receiving Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage from Bridgitt for the last two months, I have noticed the following changes and improvements in my state of health and wellbeing:

My legs and feet are pain free

The swelling has gone down and its physically noticeable, my feet and legs are looking like they have shape and people have stopped asking me if I am ok!

I am walking about and joining in exercise, which I would not have normally done

I am not covering up my swollen legs and feet with long pants anymore and am wearing summer dresses every day which make me feel good

I have learnt better nutrition and am losing weight

I generally feel well, more confident and happier.

For me, it’s actually been quite life changing, so thank you!


I got a sore throat-flu early this week. It didn't keep me out of daily chores until late night last Thursday. I had to cancel Bridgitt appointment because of a funeral attendance the same day. Emotionally drainage happening when seeing a friend dying! I am sure i got sick because my immune system dropped below minimum with these stressful days of helplessness. Bridgitt gave me a Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage, applied specifically to sore throat and cough. She worked on the immune system. It did shake my throat and cleared it up. My nose was clogged afterward but after several sneezes, it was opened. Bridgitt also prepared a herbal formula for sore throat and coughs to take this week. 6 hours has passed after her treatment, i am lying on the sofa covered up and feeling good, the best time so far after this flu started. THANK-YOU!


I highly recommend Bridgitt, I had 3 reflexology sessions over a 4 week period. My left foot had been swollen and even after the 1st session I noticed a difference. The beauty of going to Bridgitt is that she is extremely knowledgable and gives very accurate guidance to what herbs or vitamins your body is in need of. I loved the fact everything I needed was easy to find from the local organic shop and actually I FELT so much better instantly. Thank you so much Bridgitt.


I highly recommend Bridgitt's services. I've had a yummy reflexology and lymphatic drainage session yesterday, had a great nights sleep, my body feels cleaner and even was more flexible during my Yoga workout this morning!!!


Before coming to see Bridgitt I was not very good, I had been on a spiral of losing weight and putting weight on.  This led to me feeling that my whole body was out of harmony.  I had fluid retention and generally felt out of sorts.  I knew I had to do something but did not have the motivation to even know where to start. I have been amazed at the difference it has made.  Right from my first session my fluid retention started to get better; I was seeing Bridgitt every week for about the first six weeks and in that time I started to see the veins in my feet that I had not seen for years.  The puffiness I had felt all over my body just gradually reduced and I started to feel much better. Reflexology also helped with stiffness in my back and neck, no more aches and pains.


I came from the South Island to stay with my daughter in Napier. I had been ill for several months prior and wasn’t improving at all on Doctors’ prescriptions. I had vertigo with nausea frequently. Upset stomach and generally getting weaker with deafness that left me stone deaf at times. I really thought I was on the way out. My daughter suggested we make an appointment to see a Naturopath so I told her I would go. I wasn’t able to see a doctor in Napier as I was Casual seeing I lived in a different area. They told me to refer to my own G.P. Came to see Bridgette and she diagnosed me and gave me Lymphatic drainage 3 times over a space of 3 months. Also reflexology. I’ve never looked back and am back to normal again. So pleased I’m so much better and thankful to Bridgette for all that she has done. Yvonne

I needed to find someone who provided lymphatic drainage massage due to cancer surgery and on the internet there Bridgitt was. Thank goodness I did!  When I met Bridgitt I immediately felt at ease as she was so kind and had a certain calmness about her. Bridgitt firstly enquired about my medical history Bridgitt provided reflexology lymphatic drainage. It was wonderful and relaxing. I was amazed at the results as the fluid build up is in my face and neck. I couldn’t believe that reflexology could remove the fluid from my face through my feet! Again amazed at the results. When my husband saw me he couldn’t believe how much the fluid had disappeared from my face also. He said it was the best he had ever seen it.  I saw Bridgitt for a second time before we went home and again enjoyable and amazing results. Bridgitt recommended keeping up with reflexology when I went home to maintain the fluid balance. I have taken up her advice and found someone, however it is not the same as seeing Bridgitt. I thoroughly recommend seeing Bridgitt for your health and well being and her wonderful way she has with people.


I received a mastectomy for breast cancer with lymph nodes being taken out under my armpit.  For the past 10 years, I was advised by my Doctor that there was nothing that could be done to reduce this swelling and that I would just have to live with it. When I first meet Bridgitt,  I was very nervous and doubtful about how she could reduce my swelling (oedema) by merely working on my feet! As I am a Diabetic with poor kidney function and on an assortment of medication, I was very cautious but thought, what have I got to lose?


Bridgitt was very gentle and calm and answered all my questions about how Lymphatic Treatment would work and benefit me.  We started off with a 30 minute treatment. My feet were tender to touch in that first treatment, especially my kidney and pancreas reflexes. The effects were astounding!  That night after the 1st treatment I went to toilet and passed a huge amount of water. The next day the oedema under my arm had gone down dramatically – there used to be a lump the size of a tennis ball under there! The tightness of the skin on my arm was now softer to the touch. There used to be dimpled ridges on my skin down the arm and tops of legs – now smooth. Bowels were moving better instead of being constipated. For the past 10 years I could never lift my arm above my head due to the amount of swelling and it used to pull and feel too heavy.  Now I can – amazing! I have more energy and the brain fog has lifted and cleared.  My whole body felt warmer and I am sleeping better.  I also lost weight around my torso.  My blood sugars’ reading went down on the same day.  My circulation and blood sugars continued to improve with me not being cold at night in bed anymore.  Bridgitt advised me to drink Kidney herbal tea to strengthen my kidneys.  By 9 months with Bridgitt I can say my kidney function improved significantly.  

I was also able to talk to Bridgitt about my relationship and other issues which made me feel lighter within myself.  Some days I felt like a little girl and just wanted to giggle out loud!  I highly recommend Bridgitt to anybody looking to reduce their swelling and help with getting life back into balance.


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