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What's in your Garden?

He aha nga hua rongoā wai rākau kei roto i to maara?

Herbal tea (rongoā wai rākau) Workshops teaching blend of Maori and Western Rongoa

Herbal Medicine

that can easily be grown in your garden for  the health and wellbeing of Whanau, Family and Friends

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January 2024

- Fee = $150.00


- Fee = $150.00

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Opotiki: 2024

Date to be advised

9.30am to 2pm

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Menopausal: age 46 to years

- Fee = $150.00

Opotiki: 2024 date to be advised

Kia ora and a warm welcome to future students of Herbal Medicine (Rongoā wai rākau). Could this be your year to learn a new skill? Provide natural health care without side effects? Become confident in naturally treating your family and friends?

When I was a single parent with a young toddler, my life would have been so much easier, less stressful and cost-effective had I known how simple it was to walk out my back door into my garden and pick medicinal herbs (rongoa wai rakau) for a cup of tea to heal common, every day ailments, rather than queuing at the local doctors or pharmacy for antibiotics.

I’ve created this series of workshops to pass on my knowledge to teach others how simple it can be to plant, harvest and use medicinal herbal infusions (teas) rongoa wai rakau.


To empower students (tauira) to take back the responsibility for their own health and wellbeing and in turn, offer healing to their whanau, family and friends.


I take my responsibility seriously, this is not a quick fix “here use this herb for that ailment”. There is so much more kawa (protocol) and magic entwined with herbal medicine (rongoā wai rākau).

We are all Beings made up of physical (tinana), mental/emotional (hinengaro) and Spiritual (Wairua) with support from whanau, family, iwi, hapu, churches, communities groups.


I believe in holistic health, addressing all areas of your Being to create harmony similar to health models Te Whare tapa Wha and Te Wheke.

Course Content

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Preparation of self before harvesting

Setting P.O.I. Purity of Intent of harvesting with Karakia, Prayer

Gaining permission to enter Ngahere, Bush Faeries and Herbal Plants (rongoa rakau) both Spiritually and Physically

Identifying correct Herbal Plants (rongoa rakau)

Sustainable harvesting

Harvesting equipment

Best time to harvest

Learn best place to plant  Herbal Plants (rongoa rakau) in your garden.

How to dry Herbal Plants (rongoa rakau)

How to store Herbal Plants (rongoa rakau)

How to make a Herbal cup of tea (rongoa wai rakau)

Age related dosage from babies, children, adults and elderly

Safety, Cautions and Contra-indications

Learn 3 x western herbal plants and 3 x Maori rongoā rākau

Further training in New Zealand with registered Schools


Kopakopa (Plantain major) and Calendula officinalis

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