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Testimonials - Herbal Medicine Infusions (teas)

 Rongoā wai rākau

Typical results from actual Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine & Reflexology consultations

Disclaimer: Please note - results are typical and vary from person to person.

At age 40, I was starting to get extreme fatigue and mood swings in the week leading up to my period. I had never experienced this before and thought I may be starting peri-menopause. I didn't think there was anything that could be done about this, but as part of my Naturopath consultation with Bridgitt for other health issues, Bridgitt wanted to look at my hormones to ensure I was experiencing full body wellness.  She gave me the option of doing hormone tests, but I preferred the less invasive option of discussing symptoms to see if there was anything we could do to balance those.  She used a variety of dried herbs to create a custome herbal tea for me to drink to balance my hormones.  Within a month I had noticed a difference so my hormonal tea has become a daily ritual. I am very grateful that I no longer have mood swings leading up to my period and the monthy fatigue has gone.


Thank you Bridgett, you introduced me to your herbal tea. I had been suffering for weeks with Bronchial Asthma, many sleepless nights of coughing and wheezing. The first night after I had your Lymphatic Herbal Infusion, I had my first restful night's sleep. Thank you again.


Hi Bridgitt, I would love some more of my special herbal tea mix. I really enjoy drinking it and certainly think it's helping. I'm starting to sleep a lot better and for the last two nights have slept through until around 5.30/6am, so am thrilled! Thanks so much.

Liz. R

I LOVE your tea. I have three different kinds, they are so refreshing. And you get so many cups out of a tablespoon of leaves.  I don't think I can go back to supermarket tea now.


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