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Testimonials - Herbal Medicine Remedy

 Rongoā rākau

Typical results from actual Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine & Reflexology consultations

Disclaimer: Please note - results are typical and vary from person to person.

Bridgitt is the most amazing naturopath and reflexologist, she is extremely dedicated to her clients and has a wealth of knowledge to share. Bridgitt has helped me with her herbal mixtures which have been a great success. So lucky to have you Bridgitt. Many Thanks

Marjory Angela

I developed varicose veins after my two pregnancies and over the last year I had been experiencing a bit of pain and discomfort with my veins. Bridgitt made a custom varicose vein tincture for me, and I was absolutely amazed that within a week of taking it, my pain completely went away. I have tried so many things like compression stockings, varicose vein cream from the doctor and a natural vein cream from the health shop, but nothing worked. I have been taking the tincture for 2 months now and I have also noticed less buldging and swelling  in the veins. I am so grateful that I have had such incredible results with this product.


Hello Bridgitt, I am so happy I met you. You asked me to give you 3 months and I'm glad I did. Ever since meeting you and taking the herbal remedy, I have had no more heavy bleeding. I still get a period, but shorter and much lighter. This may be that I am getting closer to menopause too. I was about to consider that hysterectomy and I'm so grateful you helped me.


Hi Bridgitt, thanks to the excellent reflexology treatment I slept good last night, no painful turning and tossing. Also remarkable how quick the prostate herbal remedy worked. Now more of a stream when peeing instead of dribbling!"


Bridgett, I just had to say a HUGE thank you for the very effective herbal remedy that cured my cough in just 3 days!  I tried it with my licorice as we discussed, but don’t recommend you add any to future mixtures containing my ingredients. It made it an awful taste unfortunately.  Original product suited me taste wise.  I hope I don’t need you again this winter, but will definitely contact you asap if I feel under weather. Thank you.


I started seeing Bridgitt for mainly a well-being maintenance check. I received reflexology, lymphatic drainage and herbal medicine from her. She is a quite knowledgeable, hearty, affable woman with outstanding professionalism. She helped me to improve my body system. But the strongest support and help from Bridgitt came after falling off my bike in February. I had a concussion and broken collarbone, and my eyes were not doing well. I had reflexology once a week and I applied her D.D's Healing Balm on my shoulder and ankles. After 5 weeks i can say that i am on the right pathway. I am amazed how fast i am getting back to normal. Thank you!!!


I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and prescribed by a Rheumatologist Specialist Methotrexate for 9 months. Over that period my symptoms improved by 50% and it was recommended I increase the dose with weekly injections.  Not liking this recommendation, I then decided to seek alternative remedies.


My arthritis improved slightly with change in foods, repair to leaky gut and fish oil supplements. I was still taking Prednisone and Pain killers for the pain. In 2011 I learnt about the benefits of Turmeric herb.


In September 2013 I started taking liquid Turmeric herbal tincture from Bridgitt’s Herbal Dispensary. After only a few weeks, my Psoraisis greatly improved on my skin and scalp.  I now only have a few very small skin patches.


I now enjoy good health and brisk walks, something I wouldn’t do a few years ago! I would recommend


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