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Mould Toxicity, Test kits and Naturopathy in Opotiki Clinic, Bay of Plenty.

Kia ora folk,

over the past few years with extreme weather events and flooding throughout New Zealand, there are a high percent of folk being exposed to breathing in mould spores.

Unhealthy rental homes, accidental flooding of the bath or washing machine, leaking roofs, poor ventilation, also contribute to mould toxicity.

Do you have:

- Breathing difficulties, asthma - Headaches, Seizures, dizzyness - Foggy mind, difficulty concentrating - Memory problems - Walking or balance problems - Anxiety - Depression - Poor attention span - Thrush (Candida) - Extreme tiredness - Muscle weakness - Allergies, Skin, Hayfever, Sinus - Extreme muscle spasms - Aching joints and muscles

I offer online Naturopath consultations or in-person at my Opotiki clinic in Bay of Plenty.

I also offer a free 15 minute chat to see how best i can help you find a solution.

Have a listen to my latest video on my facebook page

To learn more about Naturopathy, click the link

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