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Reflexology Foundation Course for Beginners

Reflexology Foundational Course for Beginners is a two day weekend course and will cover basic theory and the practical application of Reflexology, which will enable you to practice only on family and friends.


Your investment for this two day Foundational Reflexology Workshop for Beginners is only $250.00

(Course includes all course material, printed handout booklet plus Reflexology Foot Map, herbal teas, morning and afternoon tea.  Please bring your own lunch.)


  • Opotiki, Bay of Plenty, 2022 to be advised

  • Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, 2022, to be advised

  • Te Kaha, Bay of Plenty, 2022 t0 be advised

  • Napier, Hawke's Bay, 2022 to be advised

Listen in to Bridgitt explaining the theory of Reflexology, its history, how it might feel to receive and her training journey.

Could this be your year to learn a new skill? Provide natural health care without side effects? Become confident in naturally treating your family and friends?

Kia ora and a warm welcome to future students of Reflexology. Have you had a wee look at my other main Reflexology page to learn more about Reflexology and how I provide it in my natural health clinic? 

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Reflexology Foundation Course for Beginners


If you are interested in and looking for a qualification in reflexology, when you do a search, it up can get confusing to choose the best course that will suit you. 

Before enrolling, it's a great idea to take the time and think about which direction you would like to go after you complete  your course; do you want to:

  • Only provide Reflexology to treat friends and family or

  • Strive and pursue your goals to make a living out of reflexology? Set up your own business or work in conjunction with another established business?


If you want to treat friends and family, then clinic insurance is not necessary . In this situation, any introductory course to suit your budget and your time scale will be perfect for you, however, you will not be able to become a professional member of Reflexology New Zealand or other professional organisations in the future, unless you train further.

It is worth noting, currently there is no protection of title for reflexology in New Zealand, so anyone can call themselves a '"reflexologist". The difference comes from the level of training and I believe, this is what sets registered Reflexologists in New Zealand apart. So you know, that we know and your healing and wellness are in safe hands, so to speak.

"I have been a reflexology client at Maintaining Your Health (Whakatikatika Oranga) for several years and treatments with Bridgette are the most relaxing part of my week, fortnight or month.  I was excited when Bridgette shared she was going to be teaching introductory reflexology and signed up immediately.

It was great to be able to understand how the body is mapped on your feet and learn and practice various techniques. Bridgette had created a comprehensive workbook and scheduled time for theory, modelling and practice. Self care and maintaining our health and supporting friends and family are all crucial now more than ever.  I would recommend investing in this course and learning how your feet connect with everything. 

Vicky, Napier, Hawke's Bay"

Should you choose to further your Reflexology training in the future, The Diploma of Reflexology is available in the North Island through the Manawautu Reflexology College in Palmerston North with Cathy Caldwell. or Waikato School of Reflexology in Hamilton or Auckland School of Reflexology. pop over to Reflexology New Zealand for contact details.

Professional Membership

For professional membership to Reflexology New Zealand, practitioners must possess indemnity insurance and have a current workplace first aid certificate. You must also meet continuing professional development requirements each year. For further information, pop over to Reflexology New Zealand .

Reflexology may assist with (to name a few)

A balanced state of wellbeing and preventing disease

Decrese stress and anxiety

Increasing circulation (nerve & blood supply)

Reducing stress and muscle tension

Relieving pain

Cleansing toxins and impurities

Weight loss through decreased oedema

Women/Men’s reproductive health


Provide holistic clarity regarding direction

Hormonal (Endocrine) balance

Create better sleeping habits

Relieve constipation

Improve Sinusitis and Hayfever

I am a Professional Member of Reflexology New Zealand (RNZ). RNZ is a supportive national association with Diploma level standards, a code of ethics and practice and annual practising certificate. Professional members have their qualifications examined and accreditation certificates issued when they meet the education standards. By choosing a Professional member of Reflexology New Zealand the public are offered reassurance that their care is being provided by a qualified Practitioner.