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Learn Reflexology - in person

Reflexology Foundation Course for Beginners
for the treatment ONLY of
Whanau, Family and Friends


Whakatane = 17, 18 February 2024 COMPLETED


23, 24 November 2024


Should your desire to learn Reflexology is so great and the nagging feeling won't pass, and none of the above training dates suit you, please contact Bridgitt. Let's chat and see if we can work it out for you.

"The course content was exactly what I was looking for. A great “recipe” for me to practice with family and friends. It was good to learn all the theory on the day 1 and practice, practice, practice on day 2. I felt very fortunate that Carlo, Reflexologist and Tutor, from Aromaflex Academy in Nelson was our Guest, and that there were only two of us students. It made learning much faster. I only wish I’d been able to receive more treatment time than I did! Lol


Could this be your year to learn a new skill? Provide natural health care without side effects? Become confident in naturally treating your family and friends?

Kia ora and a warm welcome to future students of Reflexology. Have you had a wee look at my other main Reflexology page to learn more about Reflexology and how I provide it in my natural health clinic? 

Reflexology Foundational Course for Beginners is a two day face-to-face weekend course and will cover basic theory and the practical application of Reflexology, which will enable you to practice only on family and friends. I require a minimum of 8 x participants before the course can commence.  


Your investment for this two-day

Reflexology Foundational Course for Beginners is

only $300.00 per person

(Course includes all course material, colour printed handout booklet, 50gm pottle of Tui Balm Foot Reflexology wax, herbal teas, filtered clean water, morning and afternoon tea.)

All graduates of the Reflexology Foundational Course for Beginners, are eligible to train further for their Diploma in Reflexology, enabling them to practice Reflexology as Professionals in their own business in New Zealand, as well as become members of Reflexology New Zealand. 

Aromaflex Academy will be teaching the Diploma in Tauranga with a special reduced price and package only for Graduates of the Reflexology Foundational Course for Beginners from Maintaining Your Health. read more here  

Please contact Bridgitt with any questions.

Course Content

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Learn about energy, wairua, life force, chi and how to feel it

Protective rituals before starting treatment

How to choose your Reflexology chair

How to choose your stool and posture

How to choose your Reflexology wax

What is Reflexology and how does Reflexology work

Brief Eastern and Western Reflexology History

Creating Reflexology treatment to suit age and constitution

Cautions and Contra indications

Learn Reflexology walking technique

Learn warm up techniques

Learn Zones both plantar and dorsal

Finishing off technique

After treatment reactions and care

Further training in New Zealand registered Reflexology Schools

"Thank you Bridgitt, you have opened me up to a whole new world. Reflexology is such a beautiful practice - both giving and receiving it.  I had no idea how empowering, centering and beautiful it would be. I can't wait to practice, practice, practice and eventually get my Diploma. Love and Light, Kirsten"

Workshop Photo.jpg

Reflexology Foundation Course for Beginners

Learning at the Table.jpg

 Theory learning at the Table

"Bridgitt was so great in bringing us all together to work to achieve all the content, she is knowledgeable and a hoot to learn with.  Thank you so much for all the extra effort you put in with the venue, food and equipment to make the weekend memorable and informative. Sue, Hamilton".

If you are interested in and looking for a qualification in reflexology, when you do a search, it up can get confusing to choose the best course that will suit you. 

Before enrolling, it's a great idea to take the time and think about which direction you would like to go after you complete  your course; do you want to:

  • Only provide Reflexology to treat friends and family or

  • Strive and pursue your goals to make a living out of reflexology? Set up your own business or work in conjunction with another established business?


If you want to treat friends and family, then clinic insurance is not necessary . In this situation, any introductory course to suit your budget and your time scale will be perfect for you, however, you will not be able to become a professional member of Reflexology New Zealand or other professional organisations in the future, unless you train further for a Diploma in Reflexology.

It is worth noting, currently there is no protection of title for reflexology in New Zealand, so anyone can call themselves a '"reflexologist". The difference comes from the level of training and I believe, this is what sets registered Reflexologists in New Zealand apart. So you know, that we know and your healing and wellness are in safe hands, so to speak.

"I have been a reflexology client at Maintaining Your Health (Whakatikatika Oranga) for several years and treatments with Bridgette are the most relaxing part of my week, fortnight or month.  I was excited when Bridgette shared she was going to be teaching introductory reflexology and signed up immediately.

It was great to be able to understand how the body is mapped on your feet and learn and practice various techniques. Bridgette had created a comprehensive workbook and scheduled time for theory, modelling and practice. Self care and maintaining our health and supporting friends and family are all crucial now more than ever.  I would recommend investing in this course and learning how your feet connect with everything. 

Vicky, Napier, Hawke's Bay"

Professional Membership

For professional membership to Reflexology New Zealand, practitioners must possess a Diploma in Reflexology, Have Public Liability and Indemnity insurance and have a current workplace first aid certificate. You must also meet continuing professional development requirements each year. For further information, pop over to Reflexology New Zealand .

"Bridgitt is an amazing tutor. Full of knowledge and passion for reflexology. The energy and atmosphere were extremely positive. Everyone was open and lovely. I would definitely recommend this course. And i want to carry on with my reflexology journey. S.J. Whakatane".

Bridgitt McNabb is a Professional Member of Reflexology New Zealand (RNZ). RNZ is a supportive national association with Diploma level standards, a code of ethics and practice and annual practising certificate. Professional members have their qualifications examined and accreditation certificates issued when they meet the education standards. By choosing a Professional member of Reflexology New Zealand the public are offered reassurance that their care is being provided by a qualified Practitioner.

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