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A journey of self discovery

How I healed Endometriosis with

Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Reflexology

The Story behind 'Maintaining Your Health'

After being diagnosed with Endometriosis in 2003 and not finding much support or success with orthodox medicine, it was then I was first introduced to natural health medicine. This sparked my journey of self-discovery and natural health.


Bridgitt McNabb

BA Nat. Health, Dip. Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine, Dip. Reflexology, Cert. Hauora

Once my formal training began, I soon realised that the Endometriosis was not only a physical imbalance, but a combination of balancing all levels of my being. Everyone is a unique individual and everyones' Endometriosis symptoms are slightly different than the last person. There is no general fit for all.


Herbal medicine was introduced to me via herbal remedies and most definitely improved my physical symptoms.


Next came along Nutrition which showed me that eating unhealthy foods created more inflammation and pain and helped keep my hormones unbalanced. Aha, I thought!  This is the solution. After a while, once I had a break from the herbal medicine and had a slip in my healthy eating, all the Endometriosis symptoms came back with a vengeance. Frustrated, I knew there had to be more to healing than this.

As I continued my training I realised that without healing the mental/emotional state, I would never truly achieve wellness.  It wasn't until I started to calm the physical and emotional stress down and address the energy imbalance connected to Endometriosis, that I truly started to achieve results. To this day, I can honestly say that the Endometriosis now does not own me.


I was introduced to Reflexology during my second year of training in 2008.​


After experiencing the amazing natural healing benefits - from increasing my circulation, balancing my hormones and creating a deep state of relaxation - I intuitively knew that this therapy would be a perfect addition to my natural health tool kit.


After my earlier successful experience of herbal medicine and a deep resonation I feel with these truly amazing natural herbs, my passion for providing herbal remedies developed into having my own liquid herbal medicine dispensary in clinic.

I trained at the Lotus Holistic Centre in Hastings, New Zealand with my qualifications being recognised by NZQA (NZ Qualifications Association).


I have also trained in other complimentary health modalities which I incorporate into my practice.


I am registered with Reflexology NZ (RNZ) where I am required to upskill every year in order to retain my membership.  I also hold a current first aid certificate.


In October 2011, I chose to begin my journey of providing natural health and wellbeing solutions to those searching for another option.  Thus, Maintaining Your Health (Whakatikatika Oranga) was created and continues to grow and evolve as I do.



Bachelor of Natural Medicine (NZQA SPCNT) 2012

Diploma of Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine (NZQA LHC) 2010

Diploma of Reflexology (NZQA LHC) 2012

Certificate of Reflexology (NZQA LHC) 2008

Certificate of Hauora – Maori Community Health (NZQA EIT HB) 2005

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