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January is Thyroid Awareness Month

So, tell me, how are you feeling today? 

  • Sluggish in energy and body?

  • Weight gain?

  • Dry skin and hair?

  • Hair loss?


Are you ready yet for your natural health assessment? Is today your day?

Have you had a restful restorative sleep and woken feeling refreshed and ready to spring into your new



Or maybe you've tossed and turned all night with night hot sweats. Blanket on, blanket off! Could be menopausal i hear you say. However, when the thyroid is out of balance this can really affect your sex hormones and how you experience the lovely menopausal phase.

How are your energy levels? No get up and go left in you to face the day or children? Are you relying on artificial stimulants to boost your energy? Im talking here about more than 2 x caffeine drinks per day e.g. coffee, tea, green tea, milo, hot chocolate, energy drinks.

How about your waistline? Yes, yes i know we've just had Xmas. Has your weight been slowly creeping up and up? The Thyroid is 1 of your weight regulators and can affect your metabolism, which affects weight, energy, constipation and much, much more.

Contact Bridgitt for your free 15 minute Naturopath chat to talk about about she can help you and your thyroid find balance.

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