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Kia ora and welcome, it’s time for an update.

I betcha you are all wondering, what’s that Bridgitt up to now?

Well, I am definitely still here living and basing my main Natural Health Clinic here in Opotiki.

Be rest assured, I still maintain my same mantra:

“I am here to heal all folk, from all walks of life, from all races, regardless of health choices”

“Kei konei te timatanga o to whai oranga.

Your Journey to Wellness starts here”.

NEW CLINIC SPACE AT 115 CHURCH STREET, OPOTIKI. The old Midwifery Consulting Rooms) Opening as of 11 April 2023.

Yes!, you heard right!

Wahoooooo! I’m super excited! Pop in and say Kia ora.

I will be open and operating from here on

Tuesday 11 April 2023


Book and pay for 1 x 60 minute Reflexology Treatment


15 minute Facial Lymphatic Drainage and Head Massage included in your treatment.

Corrrr! Now doesn’t that just sound Devine!


Gift Vouchers available

You know it. The Country knows it. All marketing agencies now it. Yep, Mother’s Day is not far away.

Do you want to offer that Special Person in your life something different this year than the norm? Something to say “thank you”.

All of you good folk and whanau who look after children and animals, deserve a little pampering and time out.

Autumn is here.

Could this be the right time for you to receive your NATURAL HEALTH W.O.F?

Autumn always speaks to me, get ready, be prepared for Winter. Just like that squirrel gathering its nuts, just like you put your car into the garage for a tune up.

How are you feeling physically, mentally and Spiritually prepared for Winter?

How is your immunity? Could it be your turn for that tune up?

Do you feel strong enough to fight off any incoming Winter bacteria, fungi or bugs?

Could this be your perfect time to have a full natural health W.O.F with a holistic Naturopath appointment.

I offer face to face, mobile or online appointments.

I offer a free 15 minute chat to see how best we can work together, naturally, to achieve your desired goals.


1 and 2 April 2023, Opotiki

It was a successful weekend of 1 and 2 April, as I graduated 6 x new enthusiastic budding Reflexologists for learning Reflexology Foundation Course for Beginners. This two day comprehensive packed course taught these ladies the basics of Reflexology to heal their whanau, family and friends. Much laughter and intense concentration experienced by us all.


specifically mixed for you. Pop in anytime you see the door open for a chat to see how I can mix the right remedy for you.

Life can change quickly, in the blink of an eye. Be kind to one another, spend that precious time with your loved ones, tell your Whanau/Family/Friends how much they mean to you. Check up on your neighbours if you know they live alone.

Remember, unless you have walked in another’s shoes, you really have no idea what that person is going through or dealing with. Don’t be so quick to judge another. But be quick to offer that lending hand. You never know whose day you will make just by offering a smile.

“Kei konei te timatanga o to whai oranga.

Your Journey to Wellness starts here”.

Love and Light

Bridgitt The Naturopath and Reflexologist

Maintaining Your Health (Whakatikatika Oranga)

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