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Herbal (Rongoa) Medicine

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Herbal Dispensary, Herbal Infusions, Herbal Supplements  to balance you


Bridgitt's Herbal Dispensary
Herbal Dispensary available during open hours for your specific herbal remedy at my Opotiki Clinic, Opotiki, Eastern Bay of Plenty.

Herbal Remedies can be mixed for you after your Chronic Naturopath or an Acute Naturopath consultation, or after your Reflexology treatment, so as I can understand your current wellness symptoms and match the best herbal tinctures in a remedy specifically for you. 

​Herbal medicine's availability can suit any age, be it tincture remedy mixed on site in my clinic, herbal tea, capsule or raw ingredient.
Liquid Herbal Remedies are created after consultation and priced according to ml dosage. To refill your herbal remedy you do not necessarily need another consultation. Ask Bridgitt.
Remedies not to your liking? No problem, to help with compliance herbal tea or capsules are available as well.​ Remember to recycle your bottle back to Bridgitt to receive your discount.

​Are you floating and serene like Lavender or calming like Lemon Balm?


My Mum had taught me the uses for Rongoa grown right at her home's doorstep and these were incorporated naturally into our every day lives.  Koromiko for diarrohea, Kawakawa for blood cleanser, digestion, skin wounds and insect repellant, Kumarahou for coughs and colds and respiratory complaints, Kopakopa for inflammation, Karamu for urinary complaints. I like to call them the "5 K's".


It wasn’t until I completed my formal training that my true understanding of the relationship with herbal medicine began. ​I started to look at my clients, really look at them holistically and match the herbs that suited their personalities and constitutions.

Herbal medicine is safe and effective when prescribed by a fully qualified Medical Herbalist. Self-prescribing is not recommended and if you are taking any other medication or natural health supplements, ​it is important to let me know.

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Medicinal Herbal Infusions

A variety of in-house medicinal teas or specific combinations are available.


Medicinal herbal teas are a gentle, effective form of herbal medicine and great for those more sensitive as well as children and elderly.


All herbal teas counter as your water intake, so a win-win!

Talk to Bridgitt, Naturopath and Medical Herbalist,

about mixing your specific medicinal herbal tea combination, just for you!

What's in your garden?

I always ask my clients “What’s in your garden?  Simple medicinal herbs are available at reputable Health Food Stores or other organic Gardens which can be planted and used to treat basic ailments.​


I grow and harvest medicinal herbs in my garden that suit my family’s constitution and enjoy the simplicity of instant access ready for that healing remedy tea or skin balm.​


Did you know you can make a herbal cuppa tea of Thymus vulgaris (Thyme) to thin the mucus, help to expel it, is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and an anti-oxidant? ”

A sudden cough, a sore throat, a shallow skin wound, calming down the nerves, hormone balancing, stagnant lymphatic system

- all herbs for these ailments are easily grown in your back yard.​


Harvest and dry these same herbs for a steady supply when fresh is not available.

​The wonderment that my client’s experience when they realise they have the power to heal themselves, right there at their fingertips, is amazing to watch.​


Spray free of course!

Some benefits of liquid herbs

Liquid extracts work faster than other forms of supplementation by being absorbed directly into the blood stream. Assimilation by the body ensures the herb’s optimal therapeutic benefit. If there is a gut imbalance, liquid herbs will absorb quickly for faster action.

The taste and aroma of a herb often increases its therapeutic benefit. For example, the taste of certain bitter herbs increases the body’s digestive juices, and this helps improve appetite and digestion.​

Liquid Herbal Extracts can be used for Drop dosing which is more effective for clients who are sensitive including children and the elderly. Drop dosing is also more cost effective allowing the remedy to last longer.

If you are unable to swallow capsules and tablets, liquid Herbal extracts will ensure easier ingestion and absorption.

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