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Naturopathy with Bridgitt:
Holistic Weightloss

Disclaimer: if you are feeling like your life is in danger or having difficulty breathing, dial 111 immediately for an ambulance.  If you have similar symptoms to corona virus like a sore throat, headaches, dry cough, body aches, please contact your doctor immediately to get tested.  The following information does not replace any medical treatment in any shape, way or form.  Your health is in your hands. Be responsible.

Bridgitt talks about holistic weight loss for both men and women and by balancing the person on all levels, weight loss will be a natural side effect. How weight gain is not just from eating unhealthy foods, but also hormone imbalance, dehydration, poor liver and kidney function, lack of exercise, poor insulin absorption, and the emotional connection to weight gain.

Bridgitt wants to let you know that she mis-spelt Xeno-oestrogens, definitely not with an "Z" and she has a great knack of combining words, so there is definitely no TS3 it is T3 Thyroid Hormone.

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