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Disclaimer: Please note - results are typical and vary from person to person.

Bridgett, I just had to say a HUGE thank you for the very effective herbal remedy that cured my cough in just 3 days!  I tried it with my licorice as we discussed, but don’t recommend you add any to future mixtures containing my ingredients. It made it an awful taste unfortunately.  Original product suited me taste wise.  I hope I don’t need you again this winter, but will definitely contact you asap if I feel under weather. Thank you.


Hawke's Bay

Hi Bridgitt, Thank you for the most fabulous treatment, your hands are magic!! You mentioned about my kidneys and bladder, and I said no, nothing wrong there.  Turns out I have an infection in my urinary tract. Taking cranberry now. You are amazing, will absolutely recommend you. xx


Hawkes Bay

Bridgitt genuinely cares about her client’s health and well-being. She has a positive outlook on life and is always spreading that positive energy to others. Over the past months I have learnt so much about nutrition as she includes it with reflexology. Thank you for your ongoing support. Love feet days.


Hawke’s Bay

Bridgitt is a natural healer with a wonderful depth of knowledge. Whatever you need, she will help you feel better and guide you towards well being. I look forward to my treatments so much and am so glad I found her! Thank you Bridgitt.


Hawke’s Bay

I have been visiting Bridgitt for the last 2 months for Lymphatic Drainage. In addition to this we have also worked on my sinus and allergy issues. I enjoy our appointments as I find them insightful and relaxing and always leave having learnt something new in regards to natural and holistic healing. I am so glad to have found Bridgitt and would recommend her to all.


Hawke’s Bay

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